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PostHeaderIcon Herbal acne treatment

Acne is the most common skin diseases occur in both youth and adults. It is a skin inflammation affecting lubricating glands.

To eliminate this nasty disease, you should treat the natural way, for example by herbs. That was the most effective way both pleasant, medium cure diseases, but for your skin bright pink, radiant. Here are some ways to help you cure acne naturally.

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PostHeaderIcon Beauty with vegetables, herbs commonly used

Sisters always loved the simple beauty measures using vegetables, herbs for safety, easy to find, inexpensive and effective for them.

Some of the following specific therapy will give you more ways to beautify

a. 3 new eggs laid result, good wine sufficient quantity. Soak the egg into the bottle of wine, sealed, 28 days after it is used. Every night before bed egg Apply alcohol to the skin surface. Uses: To return the skin, preventing wrinkles.

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PostHeaderIcon Recipes for beautiful skin with honey

Honey, the old days was regarded as very good, now people discover better Jelly multiple parts honey. Therefore, instead of honey with Royal Jelly Fresh all remedies below, the result would of course be better than honey.

In the ancient Orient, from the palace of King, the Lord wants to place folk, honey is always one very important use of cosmetics.

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PostHeaderIcon The beauty of the material by Herbalist Nguyen Huu Toan

Black, tanning, tan cheeks caused by many factors, such as environmental impact, climate or from hormonal changes inside the body. You always find ways to protect and care for your skin best. Besides the use of cosmetics, agreed to have lessons in traditional medicines from natural materials can bring to play nice skin as desired. Herbalist's drugstore Nguyen Huu Toan like to introduce to you all topical remedy in pigmentation, tanning mechanism of kidney with negative hormone helps regulate skin smooth, bright white.

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PostHeaderIcon Recipes for Oily Skin - Dry Skin - Neutral

The use of chicken eggs for Oily skin, dry or Neutral:

For dry skin:
Use 1 / 3 or 1 whole egg yolk, 5 drops vitamin E oil, mix well, apply on the face, neck. 15-20 minutes after water rinse. Utility of anti-aging, except wrinkles.

For oily skin:
Use egg whites, add 5 drops of lemon juice, mix well. Facial 15-20 minutes, then rinse

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