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PostHeaderIcon Herbal acne treatment

Acne is the most common skin diseases occur in both youth and adults. It is a skin inflammation affecting lubricating glands.

To eliminate this nasty disease, you should treat the natural way, for example by herbs. That was the most effective way both pleasant, medium cure diseases, but for your skin bright pink, radiant. Here are some ways to help you cure acne naturally.

• Use lavender inhibit the development of acne and reduce inflammation. Make lavender oil diluted with water in proportion 1:10. You can also use rose water or hazel (plant that grows in northern Europe or Asia, with yellow flowers, treating bruises, its name is witch hazel) instead of water. Then apply this mixture on face.

• Use garlic. Get a pair of cloves of garlic lightly rub the area lightly with acne. Doing so will help reduce acne skin gradually.

• Medication to reduce pain by banana is also effective method if you want to purge out acne. Take a ripe banana mashed, mixed with 2 tablespoons of chamomile tea can also form strong acne treatment fast.

• Strawberries and strawberry leaves are also considered methods of herbal acne treatment effectiveness. Take, fresh leaves and rub lightly and wash your face. If not, then add two new strawberry scrub the acne.

• Soak the grass with white flowers (chick-weed) into warm water, then rinse the surface with a solution. Chickweed is also wonderful grass to make milk baths to treat pain, rash, nail boils, burns and wounds.

• Alternatively you can use cabbage leaves to cure acne. Please liquefied cabbage leaves with hazel (witch hazel). Then filtered water and add 2 drops of lemon oil it. Then the mixture used to apply lotion to your face every day.

• tea tree oils are also effective acne treatment. Let's take the oil to blend with normal drinking water, rose water or hazel, 1:10 scale properly, then apply on your face every day. After a while, you'll gradually reduce acne and dive down.