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PostHeaderIcon Beauty with vegetables, herbs commonly used

Beauty recipes for vegetables, herbs commonly used daily

Sisters always loved the simple beauty measures using vegetables, herbs for safety, easy to find, inexpensive and effective for them.

Some of the following specific therapy will give you more ways to beautify

a. 3 new eggs laid result, good wine sufficient quantity. Soak the egg into the bottle of wine, sealed, 28 days after it is used. Every night before bed egg Apply alcohol to the skin surface. Uses: To return the skin, preventing wrinkles.

b. Picking mulberry leaves in the winter does not matter much less, clean, excellent skills, filtered water in containers close to correct. Each morning take 30 ml of liquid face wash with warm air. Uses: The bar room temperature, facial beauty.

c. Beeswax and sesame oil (the ratio of 5 / 1) blend together, each on a time on the skin surface. Uses: Making money and white skin.

d. Banana pepper 1 / 2 mashed fruit, add a little air fresh milk, then rub on face, 3 times per week. Use: How beautiful skin smooth and white.

e. 280g peach kernels, cooked porridge diluted with water and then filtering out particles of training on security as, crushed to form lakes, into a sealed vial for use gradually (preserved in the refrigerator). 2 times per day, each time taking a little, then wash your face warm. Uses: Activation of blood stasis, make money and white skin.

f. Sufficient quantity of tomatoes, crushed, water use cloth filter, air a bit more honey, then rub the skin 2 times a day. Uses: Making money and white skin, prevent skin aging.

g. Nail the four pigs, cleaning, security technology for the pot is a colloidal solid, put in jars sealed properly. Every night before bed, take a little dab glue on the face, the next morning using warm water rinse. Uses: Skin smooth and wrinkle. Storage in the refrigerator.

h. Results lay a new egg, 1 tablespoon honey. Retrieve the eggs whites, stir to foam, for honey to air on the skin surface and pour a thin layer, wait for dry cleaning use warm water, 2 times per week. Uses: Softens skin and white, if your skin 1 tablespoon oil, then add lemon juice.

i. Almonds and egg whites sufficient quantity. Soak almonds in hot water to peel, very ragged retired, bringing mixed with egg white. Every night before bed use are highly topical to the skin surface, the next morning using warm water rinse. Application: Unless the room, leap skin wrinkle.

j. Vote for a fresh fruit, corn starch sen, egg yolk sufficient quantity. Voting peeled, cut into slices, crushed, filtered water and air are looking sen with flour and egg yolk. Translation topical use on the face, after 20 minutes using clean warm water, 1 time per day. Uses: Softens, moist and beautiful skin.

k 1 egg yolk fruit, yogurt 3 tablespoons honey 1 tbsp. Three things bring harmony are then apply to face, after 10 minutes using warm water rinse. Uses clean and beautiful skin, especially good for oily skin.

l. White chicken yolk 1 / 2 fruit, vitamin E type 0.4 g, 5 members. Mix egg yolk with vitamin E on the skin surface and then, after 20 minutes using warm water rinse. Uses: Softens, clean and beautiful skin, suitable for oily skin types.

m. 50 ml lemon juice, 3 tablespoons flour, and mix two things together to form the lake. Rinse and then cross the lake surface into a thin film drug, after 30 minutes, then wipe clean. Uses: skin needs money, beautiful white and anti-wrinkle.

According to Hoang Khanh Toan - Faculty of Oriental Medicine / Hospital TWQD 108