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PostHeaderIcon The beauty of the material by Herbalist Nguyen Huu Toan

Herbalist Medicine article by Nguyen Huu Toan: Used in conjunction with Royal Jelly Herbal

Black, tanning, tan cheeks caused by many factors, such as environmental impact, climate or from hormonal changes inside the body. You always find ways to protect and care for your skin best. Besides the use of cosmetics, agreed to have lessons in traditional medicines from natural materials can bring to play nice skin as desired. Herbalist's drugstore Nguyen Huu Toan like to introduce to you all topical remedy in pigmentation, tanning mechanism of kidney with negative hormone helps regulate skin smooth, bright white.

Step 1: Clean the skin with steam (the water is as fragrant as incense types of needs, lemon grass, sticky leaves, lavender ...) natural flavor shine, feels relaxed, enjoyable, and make it pores to remove dirt, manufacturing cells, mucus, increase blood circulation.

Step 2: After cleaning your face, your pores open up mask is made from pureed herbs combined with other ingredients in a thick mixture called a medicine mask. Mask provides enough good quality skin and horns to remove the epidermis or amplitude of the pigment.

Step 3: sa face massage for 15-20 minutes jelly (royal jelly, honey, usually darker) take effective natural care, provide moisture and soothe the skin well, helping rejuvenate and slow the aging process, giving the skin a silky, light and strong hunting.

Step 4: massage jelly combined use of ultrasound machines to increase the maximum permeability of nutrients and stimulates blood circulation.

Step 5: Next is the collagen mask. Collagen is a protein that accounts for 25% of the total protein in the human body, functioning to connect the tissues together, making it elastic. Rejuvenation treatment with collagen to remove wrinkles agriculture, improvement, and a blur of deep wrinkles caused by aging, restoring a natural resilience to the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin, promoting promote cell rejuvenation rejuvenation in the body naturally.

In addition, combining acupressure hand regulating hormone, creating refreshing feeling of relaxation.