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PostHeaderIcon Recipes for Oily Skin - Dry Skin - Neutral

The use of chicken eggs for Oily skin, dry or Neutral:

For dry skin:
Use 1 / 3 or 1 whole egg yolk, 5 drops vitamin E oil, mix well, apply on the face, neck. 15-20 minutes after water rinse. Utility of anti-aging, except wrinkles.

For oily skin:
Use egg whites, add 5 drops of lemon juice, mix well. Facial 15-20 minutes, then rinse. Utility helps white meat, light pigmentation freckles away.

Neutral skin:
Use 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 an egg yolk, add 5 drops of olive oil, mix well applied to the face, neck 15-20 minutes then rinse sach.Cong using anti-aging, except wrinkles.

When frying eggs, put the remaining egg white on crust, add a teaspoon of milk powder and honey, stirring to form the lake. At night after cleansing, apply to face, rinse after 30 minutes again. Persistence implementation that can help smooth skin and reduce wrinkles.

Egg yolk mask - milk: raw chicken egg yolk, cucumber juice, fresh milk, 1 tablespoon each, mix and stir to form lakes. After 20-minute facial, use cold water wash. This helps the skin glow, is very effective for many types of skin mucus, many wrinkles.

Egg yolk mask - olive oil: olive oil, egg yolk and mix well, apply it on the spot as quick-wrinkled eyes, forehead, corners of mouth, the neck, 20 minutes after the re-use applied to egg white. Bed rest for 15 minutes, use warm water and dry after washing. 1 time per week, maintained for 3 months, very good for preventing the development of small wrinkles.

Other Uses

Eggs to help heal the skin: Use a dab egg yolk covered in wounds, have analgesic, targets inflammation, burns treatment. Or egg whites add sesame oil, stir into the lake, cross-site, to help the healing of wounds.

Eggs - green beans recurrence of foot and mouth: a chicken egg fruit, green beans sufficient quantity. Crushed in a bowl stir eggs into a form lakes, green beans to the pot soil (not pot metal), use cold water and soak about 10-20 minutes to boil 2-5 minutes. Take green beans into boiling eggs until they hatch cotton drinking. Use 2 times daily morning and afternoon, a few days to heal sores.

Egg mask - honey - rose water: Egg yolk 1 fruit, 2 tablespoons of egg whites, 1 cup rose water (rose water immersion) and mix for it all. Apply on face for 10-15 minutes until dry, use warm water wash, the final dab a little olive oil or almond oil (oil kernels dream) to the skin.